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Julian Morena writes exceptionally relatable songs about life's ups and downs, the complexity of personal relationships, and the joy of friendship, all described through lyrics that are strewn with countless moments of observational humor and subtle irony. His songs strike a delicious blend of Ben Folds-style sensibility delivered at times with a more daring musicality similar to a songwriter like Beck, and delivered at times with the more clear-eyed sincerity and folksy charm of a Willie Nelson.

The stylistic diversity of Julian's songwriting stems from a broad range of musical interests that is also reflected in an equally diverse range of musical experiences. Julian is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on keys with both the reggae band Bird City Revolutionaries, and with the instrumental psych-dub band The Ruination. Julian also performs on drums with the indie-rock band Boo Reefa.

                                                                                              -Andrew Leidner

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