Best Singer/Songwriter 2017, as voted by readers

-Creative Loafing Atlanta

'Julian Morena’s “Garden” is a meditation on life, loss, and yearning. “Garden” is an innovative mix of Ben Gibbard’s vocals with a primo lounge record from the early 80s, and a little something else that makes it extra special. Is it the counterpoint of a synthesizer? Is it the wispy guitars? Perhaps the saxophone solo the song culminates in? Whatever is at work here you can be certain it is 100% Julian Morena’s bottled magic.

-The Sound Connector

'Julian Morena has a lyrically clever song right here, but when the sax joins in, I can’t help but be excited and want to share.'

-Carrie Grayson, Immersed in Cool Music

26 Local Records to listen for in May

-Immersive Atlanta

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